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Why Join this community?!

  • Our step by step iSolutions work most of the times of course if you follow them proper.
  • I’m the original developer of iSolutions not Markus aka (cyberdocllc) he only sell parts.
  • Thanks to our community allot of repair shops have opened around the world.
  • There is no other such community out there, even if there is it appeared after they learned here.
  • If you see less black resin in new devices then know it was my suggestion to apple company some years ago.
  • If there is some missing Solution you can request it and i will do my best to make it.
  • All content from old site is changed and improved for better result.
  • I can help solve unknown faults without having a board or schematic only is enough to give me proper info i request.
  • We have a collection of around 1700 solutions for iPod,iPhone,iPad and Samsung I9100,I9300,I9505,G900F,G920F,G930F
  • Some have become teachers after joining our community this kind of people are not welcome here until they give full credits!
  • Our Forums contain allot of topics and some marked as iSolved which make problem solving even faster.
  • New and old solutions that are updated are made using high quality photos of logic board.

Torsion Compared to ParaSites (Other Sites)

I am sorry to say this but most sites are grabbers and most information is taken from my posts on > > > and now n, what you see today about apple repairs is thanks to me and those who were here will not admit anything because information travel in a chaotic way on entire internet there is big confusion of who did what, people don’t give credits of course others have contributed but not as much as i did i have show repairs at a very deep level which no one would do at that moment and now i understand how Nikola Tesla felt i am in the same boat, also do not search witesomtesla site because Masonic sheeple have buy it and made a porno site to damage my reputation.
I care that they stole my idea… I do not care that they do not have any of their own, grabbers.iTesla
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