I proudly present to you Torsion made by descendants of Geto-Dacian civilization today (Romania + Moldova) which is older than Sumerian. Torsion is an ongoing mobile phone hardware repair based site, like some kind of online school. This is ideal for people that work at home on their own, have a repair shop or big service center, it is meant for people who want to learn more than just basic rice usage, phone Touch Screen, LCD, battery replacement etc. We specialize in step by step solutions in photos, videos, pro schematics for iPod,iPhone,iPad and (no other brands) logic board repair,soldering,reballing,rework on surface mount components SMD,BGA,SOC etc broken connectors,cables,removed pads, BGA prints, broken lines in layers, phone dropped faults and liquid damaged phones. Torsion is a great learning resource for people who love this great technology, join today and be better tomorrow with allot of useful knowledge. If you are customer that want just to fix his own device i recommend to skip this site and find some professional technician, also do not ask me about repairs i don’t do that abroad.iTesla

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